Club Meeting Postponed Once Again

It appears that mother nature does not want us to have a club meeting….
Unfortunately, due to the current weather and road conditions we will postpone our club meeting once again and reschedule for next Tuesday night (March 3rd) at 7:30 PM.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is the safest plan of action for our members.

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Boaters Beware Of E15 At the Pumps

Per a January 22nd release by Boat U.S., a popular convenience store chain in North Carolina will begin offering E15 fuel at their pumps. Read the full story by clicking here.

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North Johnston Team Wins Local Youth Event


Fourteen teams showed up for the Buckhorn Reservoir – High School Team Tournament, hosted by the Clayton High bass club.  The open event, consisting of two high school anglers and one adult boat captain, included teams from Clayton, North Johnston, South Johnston, Corinth Holders, and Hunt high schools.  A first of it’s kind for the area, the tournament event allowed these young fishermen a chance to test their bass angling skills against fellow high school competitors while learning valuable lessons and techniques from their adult boat captains.  Valuable prizes and trophies were handed out to the top four teams.


Using a combination of lipless crank baits and jigs for their pattern, North Johnston anglers, Tyler Little and Chase Crocker stole the show with a massive weight of 21.30 pounds for their five fish catch.  Crocker also landed the lunker for the event with a bass tipping the scales at 7.64 pounds.  Little and Crocker were awarded matching first place trophies and each received a rod & reel combo for their finish.  Crocker added an additional trophy to his collection for the lunker award.


Clayton anglers, Zach Greene and Mason Medlin, settled into the second position with their overall catch of 13.09 pounds.  Greene and Medlin were rewarded for their efforts with matching second place trophies and tackle bags.


Ethan Howard and Chris Chavez, another team from the Clayton High club, filled the third position with their catch of 9.81 pounds earning the two anglers a pair of tackle bags of their own.


Landing in the fourth position with 8.45 pounds was the Clayton High tandem of Cameron Reynolds and Rodney Rowe. Reynolds and Rowe also earned a pair of tackle bags for their finish.


Trophy prizes were donated by The Trophy Connection of Wilson, NC.  First place through third place product awards were donated by Outdoor Accessories Unlimited of Kenly, NC.

Additional Positions

5th Place Josh Tutt / Josepth Wittington – (Clayton) 7.61 lbs
6th Place Braxton Chase / Camden Hogg – (Corinth Holders) 5.23 lbs
7th Place Tyler Parker / Cobi Taylor – (Corinth Holders) 5.07 lbs
8th Place Quinton Carwell / JT Palazzolo – (Clayton) 4.52 lbs
9th Place Lewis Baker / Ashton Skinner – (Hunt) 4.21 lbs
10th Place Chase Stanley / Dale McGee – (South Johnston) 3.62 lbs
11th Place Garrett Boyette / Estevan Gutierrez – (Corinth Holders) 2.09 lbs
12th Place Camdyn Coblentz / Andrew Coblentz – (Clayton) 1.37 lbs
13th Place (Tie) Austin Himmel / Zac Jones – (Corinth Holders) N/S
13th Place (Tie) John Lerena / Roman Fontaine – (Clayton) N/S


Food items and door prizes greeted the participants during the afternoon weigh-in session.  Every participating angler received four bags of soft plastic lures, compliments of Culprit lures.  Random drawings granted prizes from Ranger Boats, Outdoor Accessories Unlimited, Culprit lures, and Five County Bassmasters club members.

Collins Inc. – Bass For Cash Series provided all weigh-in equipment and scoring.

Event Sponsors:

Trophy Connection CardOutdoor Acc Card


Five County CardBass For Cash Series Card

Random Event Photos (Click Each For Larger View)



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Local High School Tournament Event Scheduled

CHS Bass Club

Clayton High School Bass Club Presents

The Inaugural Buckhorn – High School Bass Classic

  • November 8th – 2014
  • Buckhorn Reservoir – Wilson County, NC
  • An “Open” Invitation To All Surrounding Area High School Anglers
  • First Light (Approx. 6:45 AM) Until 2:00 PM
  • Teams Consist Of (2) High School Anglers & (1) Adult Boat Captain
  • $10 Per High School Angler
  • Food & Prizes During The Afternoon Weigh-In

Contact: Denny Medlin | 919-422-3684 |

Download Flyer Here

Download Entry Form Here

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B.A.S.S. Conservation needs your help, and all you have to do is vote!


Nationwide’s “Preserve Your Passion” promotion lets people choose the organization that they feel is most important to them, and the organization with the largest percentage of votes receives $45,000. It is SIMPLE and FREE! Be sure to tell your friends to vote as well!
Click here to cast your vote once a day through Oct. 13.

Your participation will help B.A.S.S. Conservation in their continued efforts to be an effective advocate for good fisheries management, aquatic habitat improvements, water quality protection and responsible fish care in tournament competitions. There are many more opportunities for B.A.S.S. Conservation to help ensure that people will be able to continue to enjoy nature’s resources, but it is essential that we have the funding to help these projects meet completion.

Two things are critical…
1)  When voting, please understand that when you go to the voting page, you must:

  • First click on the B.A.S.S. Conservation logo (It will change from black & white to color) Otherwise you may be voting for another organization without realizing it.
  • Next fill in the secret word displayed.
  • Finally click on “Submit Your Vote.”

2)  We urge you to vote EVERY DAY until October 13th.

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NC Anglers Finish 5th At National Championship

Day #4 B

Tyler Dunn and Matthew Shrewsbury showcased one heck of a roller coaster ride during the inaugural B.A.S.S. High School National Championship on Kentucky Lake and Carroll County Reservoir. After a disappointing day #1 On Kentucky Lake, the pair were well outside of the top 30 and needed to make up plenty of ground in order to continue fishing after day #2. Digging deep into their box of angling skills the duo bounced back with a strong performance during day #2 on Kentucky Lake and ended up in the 27th position, earning the tandem a spot in the next leg of competition.

With a move of venue to the Carroll County Reservoir on days 3 and 4, the scores were reset to zero for the thirty teams that would start the second leg of this championship event. Dunn and Shrewsbury were all smiles at weigh-in as the teammates walked off stage in first place and easily bypassed the top 10 cut for the final day of the event.

Day #4 CWith the last day of competition to go, the pair had to overcome the pressures associated with their newly earned spot at the top of the leaderboard, ignore the numerous ESPN camera boats chasing the top 10 angling teams, and simply focus on catching fish for one more weigh-in period. “It was a tough day for them” said Mark Williamson, boat captain for Dunn and Shrewsbury. “Matthew had made a very long cast and hooked up with a five pounder. With that fish biting on such a long cast it was hard for Matthew to get a really good hook-set and the fish came up near the rear of the boat Day #4 Aand simply threw the lure. It was a devastating blow to the two anglers.” After some time reflecting on the disappointing moment, Williamson focused on helping bring the two anglers back mentally and keep their spirits up for the remaining hours of the event. The tandem did manage several other bites, but were only able to bring one fish to the scales by days end, ultimately landing the team in the fifth position.

For more information, photos, and stories from this event, visit or click here to be redirected to the Bassmaster web page.

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NC Youth Rise To The Top

Shrewsbury & Dunn Take Control Of The B.A.S.S. High School National Championship


Proving that anything is possible, Matthew Shrewsbury and Tyler Dunn have climbed their way back into contention for hoisting the B.A.S.S. National Championship trophy high above their heads by days end on Saturday. Shrewsbury and Dunn have defied the odds and have moved all the way to the top of the standings with their day #3 performance. With only one day of competition to go, the duo will attempt to fend off any of the remaining contenders. Only the top 10 teams will compete on day #4.

8_145Falling a little short on day #3 was the second North Carolina team, consisting of Chris Chavez and Ethan Howard. Holding strong after the first two days of competition, the tandem finished day #3 in the 22nd position. Although physically out of the competition, Chavez and Howard continue their adventure through the eyes of their fellow North Carolinians, Shrewsburry and Dunn, by offering lures and moral support for the final day of the event. The four high schoolers have become close over the course of the week and their team spirit is evident with their actions among each other. will offer live coverage once again during the final weigh-in and can be viewed by clicking here.

To read the full story provided by regarding Shrewsburry and Dunn click here.

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NC High School Teams Advance To Day #3


17_103With two days of B.A.S.S. High School National Championship competition in the books, the field of 61 has now been cut to 30. Chris Chavez and Ethan Howard, representing Clayton High, netted a decent showing on day #1 of competition with a five fish limit weighing 10lbs – 12oz leaving the duo in 20th place. However, the Beddingfield team of Tyler Dunn and Matthew Shrewsbury were not so fortunate on day #1 and were forced to cross the stage at days end with only one keeper, landing the tandem in 50th spot.

41_16On day #2 Chavez and Howard created a bit of drama by only bringing three fish to the scales at 6lbs – 10oz bringing their two-day total to 17lbs – 6oz and landing the pair in 23rd position overall. Dunn and Shrewsbury showed their “Never Give Up” attitude and hauled in an impressive three-fish / 12lb – 5oz catch that leaped the tandem slightly above the top 30 cut-off to end the day in the 27th position.

Days 1 & 2 Results

The 30 teams that made the cut will now converge onto Carroll County Lake where the event will finish out the final two days of competition.

Additional event information, stories, and photos can be found at the site or by clicking here to be re-directed to the page.

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NC Teams Contending At National Championship

Chris & EthanTyler & Matthew

Two high school teams from North Carolina have embarked on a journey that will create memories for a lifetime. Chris Chavez and Ethan Howard from Clayton High, along with Tyler Dunn and Matthew Shrewsbury from Beddingfield High, are competing this week in the Bassmaster High School Championship presented by Carhartt.014071495105141

IMG_1329731353629659Hosted by Bethel University, the event will take place on the waters of Kentucky Lake and Carroll County Reservoir near Paris, Tennessee. A total of 58 teams from 33 states have converged to test their angling skills for the chance at not only holding the championship trophy, but their share of over $66,000 in scholarships.

Both teams were able to get some valuable time in on the water both Monday and Tuesday during the official practice days. The tournament days are Wednesday through Saturday and will consist of cuts after day two and day three that will eliminate teams from competition.

For more information on this unique event and to follow the action, visit or click here to be taken directly to the site.

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NC B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Updates

Bill Frazier, NC B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Director, has been busy keeping tabs on the many projects and events that affect our area lakes and waterways. Bill’s membership in the NC B.A.S.S. Nation and the role he fills is a tremendous asset to our organization, yet his devotion to ensuring that we, as fishermen, will continue to have quality fisheries to visit typically goes unnoticed.

Listed below are a few key events that Bill has attended, provided valuable input, and continues to follow as a concerned outdoorsman and fellow member. If you have any questions concerning any of the topics or events listed below, feel free to contact Bill at

Thank you Bill Frazier for your time and efforts!!!

Events attended:

  • Attended both East and West NC BASS Regional Meetings
  • Attended BASS Nation Conservation Summit in Birmingham (Gratefully acknowledging support from NC B.A.S.S. Nation)
  • Annual NC Aquatic Weed Conference Meeting (Teleconference)
    • Most significant outcome:
      • ALL state and fed reps solid in their proposal to put escalating costs back on local authorities
  • Lake Gaston Stakeholders Assn. Annual Meeting:
    • We attended the Board of Directors Meeting by teleconference as well
    • Most significant outcomes:
      • Vote to allow homeowners individual stocking of grass carp in their locations did not pass.
      • Considerable confusion about current state of legislation in Virginia to allow wildlife agency funds of $500,000 to treat weeds at Gaston
  • SC/Clemson Aquatic Weed and Algae Management Conference
    • Most significant outcomes:
      • Served on expert panel about future of the science and reality of weed and algae management
      • Pitched umbrella funding idea for control and source of needed funds WITHOUT attacking existing wildlife and environmental management programs
  • SE Lake and Watershed Management Conference, Ashville (NALMS)
    • Speaker
    • Topic covered the economics of sport fishing and its connections, or not, with invasive species.
    • Pitched umbrella funding idea for control and source of those funds WITHOUT attacking existing wildlife and environmental management programs

Planned activities:

  • We are now a group member of “Friends of Reservoirs” through the generous support of Earl Conway, former Conservation Director
  • We have submitted our proposed Summer locations for the cooperative “BASSCourse” project with NC WRC. The next milestone is actual deployment.
  • We are progressing to getting Randleman Youth back up and going since the host school coach has moved to a new career.
  • We will be supporting the BASS Norman Open in October. Please pass this along to our clubs. We can probably handle the work with what we have but it’d be great to have a big turnout to show support for BASS in NC.

Suggested Activities:

  • Any future in all of us meeting with our elected reps up to and including the governor about the invasives and funding?
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