Ranger Boats–Video Tour

A few videos showing the Ranger Boats fiberglass construction. Find more info at Rangerboats.com

Built To Be Yours™ – Touring The Legendary Ranger® Boat Factory

Ever wish you could come and take a tour of the Ranger manufacturing facility here in Flippin, Arkansas? We realize that not everyone will get the opportunity to make it to our part of the world, but we don’t want that keep you from being able to see the processes we go through as we build these legends… one at a time! That’s the reason we’re so excited to tell you about the new boat building video that we just completed.

Gel-Coat – Applying The Art Of Color

Unlike the making of an automobile, the application of color is actually the first part of Ranger Boat’s production process. This ‘reversed’ technique can be a bit confusing and we always get a lot of questions during this part of the tour. We hope that this 2nd segment of our new boat building video will help answer any questions you may have about this unique process.

Hull Lamination – Engineered To Excel

The 3rd segment of our new boat building video is titled “Hull Lamination – Engineered to Excel”. This segment will walk you through the lamination process of the hull, while also showing the installation of the fiberglass stringers, pultruded fiberglass transom and flooring. In addition, you’ll also get to see part of foam injection process which adds strength, insulation, and quietness to the hull. In summary, you’ll see the different components that come together to make the legendary, zone-tempered Ranger hull.

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